How to get your printer’s firmware updated on HP’s HP Z-Wave printer

By The Associated PressIn the wake of the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Mass.) and others have called for tighter restrictions on the use of cellphones in public places.

Some have called the practice of cell phone use in public dangerous and illegal.

It appears that those who have been pushing for tighter regulations on cell phone usage are now focusing on how to get that technology to work on a commercial printer.

According to HP, it will update the firmware for its HP ZWave printer to prevent it from being used in an unsafe way.

But the company also notes that some users have reported problems with the printer.

The company says the update is not meant to restrict the ability of people to use their devices in public spaces.

The update will include the latest firmware and software to improve security and privacy.

Printer Firmware Updates are usually released as part of the annual security update cycle, so it’s not clear whether this update is a bug fix or a new feature.

If the update causes a problem, users will need to disable the printer from Wi-Fi on their computer, and try to contact the manufacturer to have the update disabled.

If that doesn’t work, they will need the printer to be repaired and then reinstalled.

If you’re using the printer on a networked printer that can’t connect to the internet, it may take up to 24 hours for the update to be applied to the printer’s software.

If you get the update, you’ll need to restart the printer and restart the network connection.

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