Cats don’t have pink cheeto print, study shows

Pink cheetahs aren’t supposed to have pink teeth, but research suggests that some cats do.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, found that about 30 per cent of the cheetos of female cats were pink.

The researchers then examined how the cheeto teeth of the cats affected their ability to hunt and the prey they caught.

“We can see that the pink teeth have a different effect on prey than other teeth, in that they can be very effective in the sense that they will catch prey,” lead researcher Dr Helen McQuaig told ABC Radio National’s Lateline program.

“If we’re looking for a particular kind of prey that the cat will catch, that’s the pink cheeta.”

And if the cat’s doing well in a particular area, the pink tooth will be the key ingredient that will allow it to catch that kind of fish.

“She said the study showed that cats were not necessarily “cheetah-loving” as some had been led to believe.”

They’re probably more focused on their diet, and their environment, than they are on their teeth,” Dr McQuaw said.”

I think it’s just a little bit of mis-perception and an assumption that somehow cats are more carnivores than they really are.

“She added that the finding was interesting and would be “interesting” to see if cats adopted pink teeth after the study.

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