Dell, the printer giant that’s been a lightning rod for criticism, said on Wednesday that it was buying the printer maker Epson.

Epson is best known for making printer ink, but the printer is also known for producing a range of other items, including the printer cartridges used in e-readers.

The deal is for $1.4 billion.

The price tag includes a $300 million buyback of Epson shares.

Dell said it will keep a minority stake in Epson and invest $300m in new technology that could make its printer products better. 

“Epson’s digital ink products, including cartridges, are a key component of our portfolio and are a valuable asset for our customers,” said Dell CEO John Thiessen.

“We are confident that our digital ink business will continue to benefit from our partnership with Epson.”

Epson declined to comment.

Epson’s stock has fallen by nearly 40% since the deal was announced in March. 

The deal is the latest in a series of acquisitions Dell has made in recent years.

In December, it bought the maker of printers for $8.2 billion. 

Epson also recently bought a small printing business, which was bought in January for $600m. 

Dell and Epson have a long history of working together.

In 2015, Dell acquired Epson for $5.5 billion in stock and other assets.

That same year, Dell also acquired E-Zinesoft, a website where people upload stories of how they’ve been attacked.

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