What’s new in the world of print ads?

ESPN Cricket is one of the few print-ad companies that can boast the kind of international reach and global reach that a company like Disney can only dream of. 

We have been at the forefront of the digital transformation for many years and have become the premier ad agency in the sport, a title that no other sports agency has ever been able to achieve.

We are the only ad agency to have managed to get a print ad from the US Olympic Committee to print in China, Australia and India in just a few weeks, and we are the first to achieve this feat with the print ad for the World Cup. 

It is an extraordinary achievement for any agency, let alone one that has so many years of experience in print.

It has also been a great opportunity to take a big step forward in terms of ad campaigns, both digital and print.

Our partnership with Disney will be the biggest digital campaign we have ever done for a sporting event and we will be able to bring some brand awareness to a global audience that Disney is known for. 

As the first print ad campaign for the 2020 World Cup in China this is a huge step forward for our business, and a milestone for our advertising agency.

It is also a massive step forward because we have been the only agency that can get a free print ad in China. 

Disney has been very active in digital and social media, and they are well known for their use of social media.

We are proud to be able add our voice to that conversation and help to promote the game that we love. 

I am sure that this campaign will be a big draw for the millions of fans around the world, as well as many of the advertisers that Disney represents. 

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the history of the world.

We have been working closely with our partner, the Chinese Olympic Committee, to make sure that every piece of advertising that they are running for the tournament will be appropriate and relevant. 

China has been one of our top markets in terms, our clients are from all over the world and have been looking for a unique and unique opportunity to get their brand in front of as many people as possible. 

This will help them in their marketing campaigns for the event. 

When you have the Olympics at stake, the sponsorships are crucial.

They will be trying to get people to spend money on a brand that they will be seeing on the field for a long time. 

You cannot get away with just one ad campaign and that ad campaign will have to be relevant to the whole of China and all of China’s residents, so it will be very interesting to see how that campaign plays out. 

There is so much happening in China at the moment, and with the World Cups coming up in 2020, it is very important that the ad campaign we are running in China plays a big part in helping our clients to stay relevant.

I know that there is a lot of excitement around the World’s games and we know that the fans are coming back to watch and experience the sport on the big screen. 

For us, the World Championships are a chance to bring brand awareness and brand visibility to a sport that has never really had that. 

 We are really excited to be part of this campaign and I can’t wait to share more with the fans. 

Happy New Year,  Mark  Betts.

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