How a brand new T-shirt printer saves you $100 per year

Printful, the leading online apparel printer, is going all-digital, making it easy for you to print your T-shirts.

But how does it do it?

We spoke to the CEO of the company, Aaron Mihalovic, about how the company works and how its technology stacks up to its competitors.1.

How do you make your own shirts?

I like to use my computer to scan my own designs and make them in a variety of sizes and colors, from regular prints to large, extra large, or super large.2.

How does it work?

I can scan designs into a printable printer.

I also use a scanner to create a customized print.3.

Can I print my own shirts with this printer?


We offer several printing options, including digital, printful, and digital printing, as well as standard and color prints.4.

Do you have an app for Android and iOS?

We have an Android app for iOS and Android phones, as we’ve said previously.5.

How many shirts can I print at once?

One shirt is printed every hour.

One print is printed per shirt.


How much do I pay for it?

We offer printful in all sizes and color.

A regular print will cost $19.99, a large print will be $29.99.

Printful’s price is $49.99 per shirt, and the standard size print will come in at $99.99 with an additional $3.99 shipping fee.7.

What happens if I don’t print my shirt?

The printer will create a custom design and print it on your shirts.

You will then receive a credit in your email inbox.

You can then choose to print the design on a different shirt or keep the design and have the original print sent to you.8.

Can you print shirts on your phone?

No, but you can send us a text message to the address in your account and we will print your shirts from your phone.9.

How is the printer different from a normal printer?

The printable technology of Printful eliminates the need for a printer and is designed to work with any type of print.

Printings can be printed in a range of sizes, colors, and materials, and can be easily customized.

Printing is more than just taking photos, it’s about creating a unique look for your shirt.10.

Does the printer charge me a fee for each print?


Printless shirts are 100% free and will not cost you anything.11.

What about my print from my own store?

The company will print a custom print of your shirt for free.12.

What is the difference between printless and regular shirts?

Regular shirts print on standard stock.

Prints are made on standard paper and have no ink.

Printies print on a custom color printer that creates a custom shirt design that is printed onto your shirts and then sent to your address.

The printless shirts do not use standard stock, but instead use custom printers that create custom designs on a computer.

The printed shirts can be customized to fit any size.13.

Can the prints I receive be personalized?

We cannot print your name or other personal information on a printed shirt.14.

Can printless designs be custom printed?

No they cannot.

They can be custom made using your own designs, photos, and text.15.

Can Printful print shirts for me?

Yes, you can.

You just need to make sure that you have the correct printer.16.

Will printless prints be available to me anytime soon?

Yes we plan to launch printless print shirts in the near future.17.

What do you need to print a print?

Printless shirts need no printing ink and have zero printing requirements.

They are made with a standard stock that does not need to be printed at all.18.

Can it print shirts that are custom made?

Yes it can.

Custom prints can be made for all sizes of shirts and will print on any standard stock in your shop.19.

Can printing shirts at home be cheaper?

Yes you can print shirts at your home with Printless.

We also offer Printless printing at our print shops.20.

What are some printless benefits?

We are the only online print shop that makes custom prints for shirts.

This means you can customize your shirts with your name, logo, and other information.

Printable shirts are printed on standard stocks and have none of the ink or processing costs associated with standard stocks.

This allows you to have the shirts printed on the exact same shirt that you received the shirt from.

You do not have to have a printing shop to order printable shirts from us.

Printed shirts are also available for personalization.

If you have any questions about how to order custom printable shirt designs, please call us at (415) 532-2220.21. What if

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