The Latest on the lawsuit filed by a former New York Times reporter that accuses the publication of bias

Former New York City Times reporter Michael J. Katz has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper and four of its journalists, alleging that the paper’s coverage of his sexual assault case is biased.

Katz was convicted in 2009 on charges that he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman in New York in a bar.

The Times declined to comment.

In the suit filed Friday in Manhattan federal court, Katz alleged that he was “misled, intimidated, bullied and intimidated” by a colleague and a New York-based editor in 2010, and that he “had to pay $150,000 to settle his case with a judge and an out-of-court settlement agreement” with the Times.

He said that he has been “threatened, harassed and even physically assaulted” by the Times in the last two years.

The newspaper is not named in the suit.

Katz said that the publication “is not in a position to defend itself against any of these allegations” because the company “has agreed to indemnify the plaintiff in the lawsuit for any damages it may incur.”

The Times has denied that it’s biased against its reporters.

The suit says the paper has “favored one side in this case over another” and “favors the plaintiff over other plaintiffs in the case who may not be able to afford the same damages as the plaintiff.”

The lawsuit was filed in a Manhattan federal courthouse, where Katz had his arraignment on rape charges scheduled.

Katz, who was fired from the Times’ New York bureau in October 2011, accused the paper of giving him a pass on a rape case that was “not the most important” and that it published “no supporting documents” in his case.

Katz had been working at the Times as a news analyst, but his employment was terminated after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a bar in 2006.

He filed a $250,000 wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer in October 2013.

Katz says he had a history of mental illness and had been living with his mother in the Bronx since 2005.

He also alleges that he received preferential treatment from the paper because of his ethnicity and the fact that he is white.

The lawsuit says the New York Civil Liberties Union had filed a complaint against the Times on Katz’s behalf in March 2015.

The paper has denied the allegations and said it’s “not aware” of any discrimination or retaliation against its journalists.

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