How to make a blue print for your sublimating printer

We can’t get enough of this cool new blue print you can use to make your sublimate printer.

It’s a printed, pre-printed piece of paper that you print onto a printer.

Now you can create a personalized printout for your family, your friends, or just yourself.

It includes a small piece of adhesive, a set of instructions, and a couple of quick instructions for printing. 

I like to use this as a template for my custom prints because it’s a bit smaller than a typical printing job.

Here’s what you need to print your sublingual printout: Blueprint: 3-5 sheets of paper, approximately 3 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high.

The one I used for this postcard tutorial was a black, one-sheet piece. Supplies: A printer with a red or blue printout. 

Blueprints can be printed with a wide range of colors, but most blueprints are printed with black. 

Materials: Black adhesive. 


Paper towels. 

A couple of extra paper towels to cover the bottom. Optional: Instructions for printing the blue printouts To print the blueprints, cut a piece of 1-inch wide white tape. 

Then cut a rectangle about 1/16 inch wide.

Fold that rectangle in half and fold that into a square. 

Cut the red, blue, or green portion of the red tape, and fold it into a rectangle that is about 1 1/8 inches wide. 

Next, cut out a piece about 1-quarter of an inch thick and 3/4-inch long. 

Take the red and blue portions of the two-sided white tape, lay them across the red/blue sheet, and press them together. 

To make the red printout, press the two sides together.

Print the red side of the blue tape, then cut it out.

Cut the blue side of that sheet, then fold it in half. 

Put the red piece into the red-side of the sheet, lay it across the blue, and use a sharp object to cut the top half of the piece.

Put the blue piece in the blue-side, lay the two pieces across the two, and cut it. 

Use a sharp piece of scrap paper to cut out the other half of that section.

Cut out a third piece of blue tape and use it to lay the blue sheet across the other two, lay down the red pieces, and lay down both the blue and red sheets. 

Once you have all the blue pieces on the sheet you’re going to use to print, fold it up into a triangle.

Then fold it again and fold the triangle in half, and repeat this process until you have a triangle of your own. 

Using your blue print out, cut one of the triangles and place it in the center of the printout you’re printing.

If you want to print the red part of the triangle, cut it off.

The blue print outs will look different depending on the color of the adhesive you used. 

Printing the blue prints on a piece with adhesive that’s black and red. 

For this project, I used a white adhesive, which is a nice shade of blue. 

Here’s what the print out looked like on a paper towel.

Using adhesive that is blue and white. 

This is the print-out that my family and friends saw on a postcard.

You can see that I used the red adhesive to lay down each of the three triangles, while the blue adhesive was left untouched. 

The blue adhesive gives it a slightly darker finish, and the red has a matte finish. 

When you print the sublimations you’ll want to use a black adhesive, since the adhesive used in the sublayers is a bit stronger. 

If you’re trying to make an adhesive that can withstand freezing temperatures, you may want to choose a color that is a darker shade of brown or black.

I used black because it had the most impact on the print quality and durability. 

Now you can print the instructions for using the blue printing sheets and instructions for making the sublingually printed blueprints. 

My kids and I used these blueprints to make the special blue print that we used to print our favorite Disney characters.

Here it is printed on our yellow, orange, and pink paper towels.

It looks so pretty and perfect. 

And now for some other awesome Disney prints! 

If I’m not mistaken, the blueprint is a really cool one.

Here is the blue printed version of the princess dress. 

In the background is a Disney character. 

Check out this post card tutorial for the blueprinted version.

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