What to know about new Italian squad – Serie A section

With a squad that is being assembled in Italy’s biggest football market, the Serie A season kicks off on Monday.

A squad that includes some of the world’s most talented players and is in desperate need of some good news, too.

In a bid to keep the squad fresh and fit, Milan have been busy.

In the past few days, they have already acquired two more players from other Serie A clubs, including the versatile Andrea Belotti and the versatile Alessandro Nesta.

In addition, they also added former Lazio striker and current Fiorentina and Roma star Andrea Pirlo, who arrived from Genoa.

Milan were forced to sell some players due to the transfer window closing, but their new additions should bolster their squad and help them get a step closer to the Champions League.

They have the players to compete in Europe, and the players who can contribute at a good level.

Milan should win the Serie B and Serie C.

Milano are the only team in the Champions league without a single player in the squad.

The Italian club are hoping that Pirlio can bring some excitement back to the Serie Nordschleife and help boost their chances of making it to the next round.

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