How to print an ‘X’ on a $3.5 million ‘Star Trek’ poster

It was an iconic shot in the middle of the night, in the 1960s.

A starship with an X on the hull.

The movie “Star Trek” came out in 1968.

It was an original idea.

But in a way, it was the first commercial shot of a “Star Wars” prop, said Jim Dolan, who has designed and built hundreds of props for the “Star” series.

So, it’s a very good example of how to do it, said Dolan.

Dolan and his colleagues built a 3D printer to print out the image and then used it to print the film poster, which they then used to create the new Star Wars movie poster.

They said they wanted the poster to be able to be printed in a similar way as the movie poster, but the printing process was a bit different.

The printing process for the new “Star wars” poster, Dolan said, is similar to the process for a standard photo print.

The printer’s print head is attached to a plastic tray, which is mounted on the wall and then the tray is lifted up and out of the way.

That creates a print area in the tray that can be printed on a 3-D printer.

Dolan and the team built the print head and print tray from parts that can already be purchased on

They also used the printer to create a new version of the movie’s famous X-wing fighter.

Dota was able to make a model of the X-Wing fighter.

It uses a large laser and is made of plastic.

It is not a replica of the original X-wings.

The team also created a version of Darth Vader’s mask, which could be printed as a template for future “StarWars” props.

Duka said they made the mask using the original poster and then printed it out to create it as a replica.

The mask is not removable, but it can be put back on and removed.

It’s also available in other sizes.

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