What you need to know about the HP printer and HPConnectivity

In a recent post, HP explained that the HPConnect IQ has an extra layer of security: If a user tries to use the device for something other than online photo sharing, it will prompt them to unlock their passcode. 

You can find out more about HPConnect, which is now available for pre-order. 

HP also noted that the app also works with Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Windows Embedded, as well as Windows RT devices. 

This is a pretty big deal for those who have yet to sign up for the HP Connectivity service. 

HPS also offered a quick primer on how to set up the app, so you can quickly figure out how to get started. 

Once you have the app set up, you’ll need to make sure it can find and connect to your network. 

If you want to get the most out of your HPConnect device, you might want to look into a smartphone app like Fido  to get a better idea of what you’ll be able to do with it. 

I have an early device that has been running HPConnect since December and have been using it daily for about a week now. 

The device has a built-in camera, and it is an absolute joy to use.

The camera on the HPconnect IQ is really good, as the sensor is small and the pixels are bright and sharp. 

It’s also great to have an option to print out a PDF or Word document on the fly, which could be great for quick notes and presentations. 

When I was in the office recently, I had a hard time figuring out how many photos I wanted to print. 

My best guess was that I had to do the following things: 1.

Make sure the app was running on my PC 2.

Set up a printer with the printer settings I wanted 3.

Connect my printer to my PC with a USB cable 4.

Print out a document Once I had that set up on my computer, I was able to print at home with no problems. 

As an added bonus, when I connected my printer, the app automatically set up an account with the printers network.

So now I have an account that can connect to my network, print, and share photos. 

After that, I simply click on “Create Account” and select my printer from the list of printers available. 

Now, I can do anything with my printer including: -Print PDF documents with the device -Copy files to a USB storage device (USB sticks and SD cards are not supported) -Open an email attachment -Save a PDF document to a network drive or SD card -Download files from the cloud I love this. 

We have a lot of printers in our office, so it’s a huge advantage for us. 

Even though this may not be the case for everyone, if you have a device that is not currently on the network, you can easily use this feature. 

Here are some other things that you can do with the HPCPool IQ: +Print PDFs with the iPhone 5s and 5C+ +Copy files from an SD card to a computer +Open an attachment +Save a file from the file explorer +Search a photo -Search for images from a social media page -View and share images from your social media feed -Read emails with the app -Create a folder for your printer -Import a photo from a Flickr account -Set up a folder on your PC -Enable the ability to print photos from the clipboard -Change the default color of your printer’s display -Update your HP Connect account As you can see, this is pretty awesome for those of us who want to make a ton of printouts and use the HPPrint app on a daily basis. 

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